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Experiencing Problems with your Wall Oven?

These are some of the common problems you might be experiencing:

Wall Oven:  Does not baking properly

If your oven is not heating properly or does not bake at the temperature that you set it on, then your temperature sensor may be malfunctioning or there could be a problem with your oven control board.

Wall Oven: Does not bake

If you have an electrical oven then the bake element has gone bad.  There could also be a wiring problem or with the electronic control board.

Wall Oven: Time bake does not work

This could be due to a defective clock assembly, a defective selector switch or a wiring problem.

Wall Oven: Cooks a a higher temperature than it is set on.

This may be due to defective bake element, defective thermostat or wiring.

Wall Oven: Does not broil

If your oven bakes but does not broil then there could be a problem with the broiler element in electric oven.  For a gas oven it could be a problem with broiler burner.  Other things that can cause this issue could be a wiring failure, a failed electronic control board or control thermostat.  In a gas oven the problem could be due to a failed oven igniter or gas valve.

Wall Oven: Does not work at all

If your oven doesn’t work at all the cause could the electronic control board has failed.  You could also check you do not have a tripped house circuit breaker.

Wall Oven Oven Door does not shut

This could be due to a defective locking mechanism

Wall Oven: Oven door won’t open

If your oven door does not open after a self-clean cycle then let the oven cool to room temperature and try to unlatch it.  You could also turn off the circuit breaker for a few minutes, turn it back on and then try unlatching the door.  If it still does not open then most probably the cause is that the oven door lock assembly has failed and needs to be replaced.

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